The Antidote to Envy

Have you ever been overwhelmed by envy? That feeling of wanting what somebody else has?

I know I have. It’s a terrible feeling, especially when it’s combined with thinking you’re somehow deficient… otherwise you’d have what they have by now.

It can cause self-doubt, fear, and panic and… unless you know how to make it work for you.

Let’s say you’re focused on growing your business but you haven’t hit your income goals yet.

You’re always on the go, it’s a bit of a struggle but you’re working hard… then you scroll past an old colleague in your feed, where she’s posting about her massive success in her business.

“Ugh, what does she have that I don’t???” you think to yourself as you go into that spiral of “not enoughness,” questioning whether you’re doing the right things or if you even have what it takes

Or maybe you’ve been killing it in your business, but you envy your friend who just got in amazing shape and looks annoyingly good, or your sister who’s romantically lit up.

Regardless of the exact details, you don’t need me to tell you that this type of comparison leaves you feeling awful.

It breeds feelings of envy and low self-confidence. It limits your potential and blocks your success… if it remains at this level of envy and fear.

The antidote for this is, “I can do that too.

You can’t stop yourself from observing others’ successes and failures. But you can change how you respond and allow it to impact your life.

You can choose to use it as inspiration, rather than a tool for self-criticism and fear-based reactivity.

When I was making my big quantum leap, I claimed the goal of making a million dollars. I did that because I heard that other people had done it.

Instead of going into jealousy, criticism, or dismissiveness, instead of making them wrong or bad, I said, if they can do it… I can do it too.

I reframed the situation, and it’s one of the mindset shifts that allowed me to go from $138k to $700k in one year, then cross the 7-figure mark.

Making these mental shifts is essential to becoming the person who actually executes on her goals — rather than the person who self-sabotages, wallows in jealousy, and stays small.

Are you willing to make this shift?

You can have what I have, or what your best friend has, or what that successful stranger on the street has, BUT you have to be willing to do what it takes.

I’d love to show you how. (Check out the PS if this resonates with you!)

P.S. Here’s the thing… you can’t keep doing what you’ve always done and get different results. To change what you’re doing, you must change your thinking. This requires an in-depth understanding of the Natural Laws of the Universe, which govern how everything works — including your success.

I specialize in helping women create business plans for massive success and stay accountable to their goals and dreams. If you want more from your life and your cash flow, join us from May 14th to the 16th at The Unstoppable Woman Income Breakthrough Summit! Don’t miss this opportunity to learn directly from me and to develop your Success Plan. Early bird tickets are on sale now — but don’t miss out. That great deal ends this month.

Originally published at on April 13, 2021.




Founder and CEO of The Unstoppable Woman, a global coaching company helping rising stars in all fields achieve their dreams and goals in record time.

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Amira Alvarez

Amira Alvarez

Founder and CEO of The Unstoppable Woman, a global coaching company helping rising stars in all fields achieve their dreams and goals in record time.

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